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Experience the best of nature and community in our coliving space! Work, hike, swim, dine, and GROW with fellow remote workers.

Dreaming of work-life balance?

Growth Coliving awaits you

Hard day at work? Relax in the terraces and hammock

Make plans in nature with people from all over the world.

Work with panoramic views of the forest!

Relax after work in the Japanese hot springs!

Bond with fellow remote workers over dinner!

Come for 15 days, 1 month or more, as you see fit 😉

Transform your remote work into a unique and productive natural experience, and then go with your new friends to the Japanese hot springs to recharge your batteries.

Do you like hiking? Here you have dozens of wonderful routes of all levels, you will see rivers and forests out of fairy tales.

Here you are the main character, and to make it easier for you to get to know people, what we do is to dine together as a family, tasting delicious food from different places.


These are some of the moments we lived last year... Send us a whatsapp if you would like to live these moments, ask us anything you want...

15 days

  • Small breakfast included and coffee throughout the day
  • Private room with bathroom
  • Access to common areas - coworking spaces, kitchen, terraces, swimming pool...

1 month

  • Small breakfast included and coffee throughout the day
  • Private room with bathroom
  • Access to common areas - coworking spaces, kitchen, terraces, swimming pool...

More than 2 months

590 each month
  • Small breakfast included and coffee throughout the day
  • Private room with bathroom
  • Access to common areas - coworking spaces, kitchen, terraces, swimming pool...
  • 3 tickets to go to the Japanese hot springs (transportation not included)

We start the garden in case you feel like growing your own vegetables.

Keep working productively, meet a community of remote workers and make plans together in the nature, sounds good eh? 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions:

The house has 10 private rooms, all of them with private bathroom and double bed, so it has a capacity of 10 people.

Breakfast is included in the price, and consists of coffee, tea, milk, fruit, sweets, jam, butter, juices, oatmeal and cereals.

Everyone eats breakfast and lunch when they want, as everyone has their own work schedules. Obviously you can use the kitchen to cook whenever you want.

For dinners what we do is that there are 2 different people who always prepare dinner and then we all have dinner together, it is this time of the day that is very grateful to be able to share time and food with the rest of the people in the house.

When they finish work there are people who go to the Japanese hot springs to relax or to the swimming pool of the house, or the garden, and others who prefer hiking, so you can join us whenever you want.

Towels and bedsheets are changed once a week.

The price is 690 euros per month, if it is 15 days it is 350 euros.

If it is from July 15 to August 15, the price is 790 euros per month, and 450 euros for 15 days.

What is included in the price is the private room and private bathroom, use of all the common areas of the house such as: swimming pool, gardens, meditation room, kitchen, dining room and coworking spaces, and breakfast is also included since there is: coffee, tea, milk, fruit, sweets, jam, butter, juices, oatmeal and cereals.

We make the purchase online, and each one pays what corresponds to him, and they bring it to us in the same day almost always, and if not the next day.

The coliving is located in the province of Pontevedra, Galicia, Spain. Just 8 km from the bridge that separates Spain and Portugal, it is 2 hours from Oporto, 1 hour from Ourense and 1 hour from Vigo by car.

The exact address is Calle Pousa 3, Crecente, Galicia, Spain.

You can also get directly to the coliving from Vigo or Ourense by train, the website where you can buy tickets is The train ride is super nice as it has beautiful views.

To get here if you don't have a car you have several possibilities:

1) Get to Vigo airport: there you take a bus to the town of A Cañiza, and once there a cab that brings you directly to the coliving.

2) Get to the airport of Santiago de Compostela: there you take a bus to Vigo, and from there you take a bus to A cañiza and from there a cab to the coliving.

3)Getting to Porto airport (Portugal): From Porto you would take a bus to Monção or Melgaço, the website to get the bus ticket is: and once in one of these two towns you take a cab to the coliving.

If you love to relax in hot springs, this area is full of hot springs, from Japanese hot springs to natural hot springs in the middle of nature.

Our neighbors next door have Alvariño wine cellars, so whenever you want to do a wine tasting, they are Marcial and Pepe, they are super fun and you spend a super nice time that is worth it.

There are many hiking trails so that you can discover dozens of places, including small natural pools and a multitude of rivers and springs. 

As for nature activities, there is rafting, paintball and bungee jumping.

Inside the house there is a swimming pool, barbecue, terraces, gardens and meditation room.

During the day or even dinners is when the activities to be carried out during the week are planned.

We can also do directed activities among ourselves, that is, if I for example want to give a yoga class, or I want to give a marketing class... we organize ourselves very well during the week.


From time to time we do activities with the people of the village, so you can also meet local people and you can enjoy with them, they are super nice people, very good people and fun as you will see.

And if there is no event, we either hike with them or have a barbecue all together at the coliving.

If you don't have a car don't worry because normally people who have cars always come, but if not, 10 km from the coliving you can rent a car (you can go by cab there) for several days, among several people so that the price is more economical, it is 35 euros per day, which if you rent it among 4 is just under 9 euros per day. If you take it is better.

At 800m is the Miño River, a perfect place to swim in summer.

A 30m away there is a wood factory where they export wood to all Spain, it is a factory that belongs to the family, and whenever you want we can make a tour of the factory.

Several hiking trails start at the coliving.

600 meters away are the wine cellars of our two neighbors Pepe and Marcial, we can visit them whenever we want.

There is a bar 400 meters from the house.

The main village called Crecente is 1.5km away, here you will find bars, food stores, and the local market: greengrocers, fishmongers and butchers.

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