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Rural Coworking

We provide you with work spaces in this rural coliving

On the one hand we have a workspace where you can work surrounded by other people.

This space in particular we see it as a place for creativity, whenever we need creativity and inspiration we go to this coliving space.

The space is dynamic so that you can change your workspace, so that you are comfortable at all times.

This space also allows you to work with other people.

As we said before, any improvement that you consider that can be made to the workspace can be done with the aim of improving the coworking of the house.

Work in your room if you want to!

You also have the possibility of working from your room since all rooms have wifi, chair and desk so that if you need privacy when making video calls you can do them with complete peace of mind.

All rooms are private, with private bathrooms.

Would you like to be part of Growth Coliving?

We want to meet you and answer your questions, send us a message and we will call you back.


Calle Pousa 3, Apousa, Creciente, 36420, Pontevedra, España


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