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Rural Coliving in Galicia

The perfect balance between Work and Holidays in Galicia

Enjoy 15 days or 1 month in a rural environment very close to the bridge that separates Portugal and Spain.

You will be able to work in coworking spaces inside the house, or in your private room with bathroom and office chair and table, so you can make your video calls.

In addition you have "All day included", which means that during the whole day you will have at your disposal: coffee, 5 types of infusion/tea, 2 types of fruits, 2 types of juices, 2 types of cereals and 2 types of sweets.

Work, live and make friends in a coliving environment designed for digital nomads and remote workers. Experience the freedom of living in Galicia!

Growth Coliving: the most economical and exciting way to travel around Portugal and Galicia. Rent a car for only 8 euros a day and share the adventure with other colivers.

Disconnect from work, connect with nature and new friends.

We love to see how people disconnect from work, and connect with nature and new friends.

Less than 10 minutes walk from the house, you will find a beautiful forest where you can enjoy a forest bath, according to a study forest baths reduce cortisol by 12.4%, compared to an urban walk.

It is a place where you can disconnect at a higher level. Even as I write these lines, I am sitting on one of these stones, enjoying the tranquility of the forest.

Are you a hiking lover?

There are a variety of trails with wonderful scenery for you to explore. They are all less than 15 minutes drive from the house, but don't worry if you don't have a car, we will drive you!

Feel like in Japan less than 20 minutes from Coliving

And if hot springs are your thing, less than 20 minutes drive from Growth Coliving you will find an incredible open-air Japanese hot springs. It's like feeling in Japan without leaving Galicia. There are also other hot springs in the surroundings where you can relax and enjoy the water in a therapeutic way.

This is us!

Here we are talking about how we want to create the coliving, and what is our mission, in those chairs you are missing, without you this coliving does not make sense.

Your questions answered

FAQ - Common questions

You have everything that a rural coworking offers in the same house.

In this place you can work in different rooms as you have office tables and chairs, and also in your room as they all have office tables and chairs so you can work from there and make video calls with total peace of mind, plus a high speed wifi to ensure the quality of your work.

Sergio, the host, will set up a small corner for breakfast totally free, so that you don’t have to worry about making breakfast and start the work day with energy, and will have coffee, tea, juice, fruit and pastries.

We know that during meals there will be people who will have work calls, so meals are free. While the dinners will be together and 2 people each day will make more dinner for everyone, then we can all dine together on the terrace outside or inside if the weather is bad.

you have «All day included», which means that during the whole day you will have at your disposal: coffee, 5 types of infusion/tea, 2 types of fruits, 2 types of juices, 2 types of cereals and 2 types of sweets. And of course all those expenses such as wifi, electricity, water and gas.

  • There is a train station, called Pousa-Crecente, which is 800 meters away from the coliving. So we can pick you up there. Going from Vigo to the coliving train stop costs less than 9 euros, and the views are beautiful.
  • Vigo airport is 42 minutes away by car. Going by cab from Vigo airport to the coliving has a cost of less than 60 euros, just let us know a few days in advance so we can notify the cab and pick you up.
  • Santiago de Compostela airport is 1h 28 minutes away by car.

There are cab drivers to take you from the airport to the coliving, we call them beforehand to bring you here.

14km away there is a car rental company, to which we will take you by car, and which costs 40 euros per day, that means that if there are 5 of you it will cost you only 8 euros per day.

Rafting in the Miño river, bungee jumping, paintball, horseback riding, buggy, hiking, bike rental, Japanese hot springs, spa, car rental to travel around Galicia and Portugal.

Would you like to feel part of the Growth Coliving community?

Let's talk for a bit about how you are going to help in the community and what you expect.


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Disconnect from work, connect with nature and new friends.

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