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Growth Coliving Community

Our mission is to give back to nature what it has given us.

Many of the trails that take us to beautiful places are often impossible to reach because the vegetation has eaten the trails. That is why our mission is to recover those trails so that everyone can enjoy nature.

Village-Coliving connection

In our community, in addition to making new friends who work remotely like you in the house, we also love to have contact with the local people. And what better way than to do it for a common good like helping each other to recover the roads, and create a village-coliving connection, and never lose the essence of the village.

You can always do activities with your new friends!

To disconnect from work and make new friends doing any activity: hiking, hot springs, forest baths, paintball, rafting, bungee jumping or wine tasting.

Would you like to feel part of the Growth Coliving community?

Let's talk for a bit about how you are going to help in the community and what you expect.


Street Pousa 3, Apousa, Creciente, 36420, Pontevedra, Spain

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